We often find great deals on entry-level smart TVs (like this 55" 4K TV for $250) and while they're great for a guest or children's room (baby shark doesn't need Dolby Vision), you may want something with a bit more oomph for your primary telly. TCL's well-regarded 6-series line is known for offering higher-end TV specs at sub-$1000 price points, and today's sale brings them well below the $1000 mark — starting at $450.

The TCL 55R617 is a 55-inch Roku-running 4K TV, with Dolby Vision HDR, full-array backlighting, and a wide color gamut — this translates to a markedly improved viewing experience. The TV has been praised for low input lag in Rting's review, who even recommend using it for gaming or as a computer monitor (your neck may not be too happy with this though).

While the TV is priced at $529, Google Express has two separate offers running, that stack to bring the price down to a cool $448. If you're buying this, be sure to click the "$20 off" banner on the product page and use promo code UQLQUL at checkout. There are a couple of sellers listed, so make sure it's from "Electronic Express".

You can also pick up the larger 65" 6-series variant for $700 (R615) or $720 (R617). Both versions are identical, though the former lacks a voice-controlled remote. Originally priced at $970, the $700 price tag makes this another tempting buy, especially if you just need the extra 10 inches (TWSS-jinx).