It wasn't that many years ago that LG was releasing the first phone with Nougat, but times have changed. Now, LG is unusually slow to update its phone, even with that fancy new upgrade center! Well, at least owners of the v40 ThinQ on Verizon can enjoy an update today, late though it may be.

Verizon says its V40 is getting Pie today, and it includes the April 2019 patch level. This update adds the option for Google-style gesture navigation, and LG's Android skin gets a few tweaks as well. YouTube Live is now available inside the LG camera app, and screenshots taken in Chrome include a URL accessible in LG's gallery app. The gallery also has a new "Album bar" that makes it easier to move between albums.

Owners of the V40 on Verizon will get the OTA notification soon, provided they aren't roaming. In that case, the phone will only pull down the OTA via WiFi. Verizon doesn't say anything about a staged rollout, so you may be able to hit the update menu in settings to manually install.