People who feel strongly about their purchasing habits might consider a custom design for a credit card to be an extension of their personality — talk to Darrell Kennedy who got "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" "Everybody Hates Chris" star Terry Crews's approval via tweet to splash Terry Jeffords's Julius Rock's likeness on her plastic. For the tap-and-go people who like to use their phones, Google Pay has had the capacity to support custom card designs for at least the past year. Now, as far as we know, we're seeing the first major bank to take on some unique card art for its mobile payment customers.

PrivatBank, Ukraine's largest commercial bank has rolled out the ability to apply promotional designs to its own Mastercard issues on Apple Pay and Google Pay for users of its Privat24 app.

The bank has gone with covers featuring characters from the upcoming film "X-Men: Dark Phoenix" for its first round of designs and expects to take on more soon. As far as we can tell, customers cannot install their own art for PrivatBank Mastercard cards.

We long for the day when we all will be able to slap on Terry Jeffords's face onto the payment cards inside our phones, so we'll be tracking down the spread of custom card art on Google Pay as more banks support it (we hope). Until then, we'll just have to move to Ukraine.

Developer: JSC CB PrivatBank
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