We've all faced a similar situation: You're looking up some restaurants online, you find a nice one and want to call them up to make a reservation. Unfortunately, you end up dialing a wrong number and have to try again. Wouldn't it have been much easier if you could just click that number to call it from your phone?

It's already possible if you own Apple devices, but, surprisingly, Google's Android and Chrome OS don't communicate so seamlessly with each other. Nevertheless, this is about to change as the company may allow both operating systems to share clipboard, phone numbers, and Wi-Fi credentials with each other.

The first commit spotted on Chromium Gerrit refers to a feature named OneChrome, which lets you share clipboard text between devices, but also initiate a call to a specific a number from a device while it will be placed with another. In most cases, this would mean clicking a number on your Chromebook to dial it using your Android phone.

Another page reveals both operating systems will be able to share Wi-Fi credentials with each other.  Although this is handy, your network passwords are already stored on Google's servers, so sharing them across platforms makes sense. Lastly, all data transfers will support end-to-end encryption, so anything you share between devices using OneChrome should be safe.

There is no information regarding when the functionality could come out, or whether it will support more features. Indeed, although it looks promising, I find it quite limited compared to Apple's Handoff, which lets you start writing an email on your Mac and continue editing it on your iPhone in a breeze. We'll keep you updated with new information regarding OneChrome and its availability.

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