If you've ever used a Galaxy phone or tablet, you probably know about Samsung Cloud. It's the company's online service for backing up photos, calendars, contacts, some third-party app data, and so on. However, if you've never signed up for a Samsung account, you might want to grab one now — because free storage for new accounts will soon be drastically reduced.

Samsung has started notifying device owners that starting June 1st, new Samsung accounts will be limited to 5GB of online storage. The company's phones sync photos to Samsung Cloud by default, which caused the free 15GB to fill up rather quickly, so 5GB will surely go much faster. Existing accounts will stay at 15GB, and since the change is still a week away, you can create a Samsung account right now and lock in the current storage.

Even if you don't have a Galaxy phone right now, it might be worth signing up anyway, just to give yourself a nice bonus if you ever buy a Samsung device. The rest of the pricing structure doesn't appear to be changing, so it's still $1/month for 50GB and $2.99/month for 200GB.