Google is in the process of folding Nest into its hardware group, and that includes rebranding several "Google" devices as "Nest." Some of the traditional Nest smart home products are on sale on the Google Store today—not any of the fancy smart displays. You can, however, get solid discounts on Nest Secure, thermostats, and more.

Here's the full list of sales today.

The Nest Secure deal is particularly good. This system launched at $500, then dropped to $400. The additional $100 discount puts it in a good place. The $39 price for additional Detect sensors is still high, but it's still a good time to buy some if you really need them. The 3rd Gen thermostat deal is nice as well. The Thermostat E is a bit less so. There's no official end date for the sales. You've got some time to decide, but don't think on it too long.