Earlier this month, Samsung unveiled a new camera sensor capable of reaching a 64MP resolution, dethroning Sony's 48MP product. Although some expected it would make its way into the upcoming Galaxy Note 10, the company will instead fit it into the lower-end Galaxy A70s, according to reports.

The future product is expected to be released later this year and will reportedly be equipped with the ISOCELL Bright GW1 sensor, which is the mobile camera unit with the highest number of pixels on the market. Although this sounds promising, it will only produce pictures of 16MP or less, as it uses Tetracell technology to combine four 0.8-μm pixels into a single one for sharper images, especially in bad lighting conditions.

Besides its camera, we have very little details regarding the Galaxy A70S' internals. Given its name, it will most probably be a refreshed Galaxy A70, which already features three rear cameras. However, given this sensor's specs, we're expecting it will act as the phone's main rear shutter and work in collaboration with at least two more.