In all the hubbub around the smart home, we often talk about light bulbs, cameras, and other things that it's easy to tell a virtual assistant to act on. One thing that I see less often than others is the front door, rather the deadbolt that seals the entrance to your sanctum. One of the better brands for that, August's third-generation Smart Lock is currently on sale for the low price of $99, its lowest on Amazon.

Some are understandably wary of smart locks, me among them — luckily, August lets you use the deadbolt in the traditional fashion if you so choose. Otherwise, if you get the Connect bridge, you have access to Alexa and Assistant for remote locking and monitoring. That part is sold separately and is not a part of this deal.

Some people, including our own Aatif, have reported a 20% off coupon that appears on the page and is applied at checkout. We were unable to verify or replicate this, but I figured I'd mention it in case you see it.