When the details about the pop-up camera for the OnePlus 7 Pro first started to leak out, our first concern was how that might affect the company's Face Unlock. The feature is among the fastest of its type when it comes to unlocking your device. Even if its security is doubtful, it's quite a convenience, and the extra lag imposed by the pop-up camera could have been a dealbreaker. We're happy to report that it's still very fast, though it is a bit awkward.


By default, Face Unlock was disabled on our OnePlus 7 Pro. Previous devices asked during setup if you'd like to turn the feature on and have it gather the required data, but the 7 Pro had no such prompts. (That could be a result of the early software our review units shipped with, YMMV. OnePlus may add the feature to setup at a later date.) But the option is still where you would expect in Settings.

There are two ways you can set Face Unlock to be triggered on the OnePlus 7 Pro: either to be activated when you swipe up from the lockscreen/when other methods fail, or for it to automatically deploy as soon as the screen is turned on. The second option is closer to the experience of the OnePlus 6T, but the first makes a good half-measure if you think the pop-up camera is inconvenient — and you might.

OnePlus' mechanism in the 7 Pro isn't silent, it makes a bit of noise. Sometimes that's not a problem, but in particularly quiet settings it can be obtrusive, with those nearby easily able to hear it. Since it also literally projects out of the body of the device, you'll need to be aware of the space required for that to happen. While it still works, it's honestly a bit of an annoyance compared to a fixed camera, which is entirely silent and flush with the phone.

So while the OnePlus 7 Pro can still do Face Unlock, and it's still pretty quick, there's a bigger question of conspicuity. If you're that guy in a movie theater, church, or some other silence-dependent circumstance, people are going to notice. It's up to you if you want to be that guy, but Face Unlock on the OnePlus 7 Pro can help you accomplish that.