When the Lenovo Smart Clock was unveiled at CES in January, it was hard not to want one despite the $79.99 price tag. It's a tiny smart display with a 4-inch screen made specifically for your nightstand and it's undeniably adorable. It's been pretty much radio silence since the announcement, however, with only a vague Spring arrival touted. New pages just added to the Lenovo support site suggest we won't have to wait much longer.

The smart display section on the Lenovo Forums has been renamed to append the Smart Clock device while administrator Miguel has added posts containing a user guide, FAQs, and a data sheet. Looking through this shows that the device will work almost exactly like Lenovo's existing 8 and 10-inch smart displays, but it will be easier to set an alarm (swipe left from the home screen) and there will be a few extra clock face options.

This follows on from a statement given to Droid Life a few days ago that promised a Smart Clock update "in the next couple of weeks." Put it all together and it seems likely that the product is about to go on sale, right towards the end of Spring. It might be nice to endlessly snooze a dedicated smart clock rather than faffing with my phone on the nightstand every morning.

The Smart Clock is now up for pre-order at different online retailers: Lenovo.com (ships in 5-7 days), as well as Walmart and B&H (ships June 2).