Apparently, Tencent has partnered with Riot Games to bring a version of its hit MOBA League of Legends to mobile, so says three sources with knowledge of the matter as reported by Reuters.

According to Reuters' coverage, the two companies have been working on this project for over a year, though there has been some tension between the two that stems from Tencent bringing its own MOBA Arena of Valor to the West a few years ago. It's still unknown when the mobile version of League of Legends is supposed to land, though it is reported that 2020 is a likely candidate.

League of Legends happens to be the only title under Riot Games' umbrella, and one of Reuters' unnamed sources has claimed that LoL "is not doing as well as it used to and so Riot badly needs a new way to monetise the game," which is probably why a mobile version is more of a priority now even though Riot Games had previously passed on a similar proposal from Tencent years ago. Of course, this is ignoring the fact that Tencent has owned Riot Games since 2015, so I'm not even sure if Riot had a choice at this point.

Despite awkwardly learning about the iffy relationship between Riot Games and Tencent, it's still interesting to discover that League of Legends may finally be coming to Android. I'm sure MOBA fans will have a ton of questions about this project, but sadly these are the only details we know right now. Hopefully, more information will arise in the coming months.