Google Drive has stopped offering a $5 annual subscription for 20GB of cloud storage. As a result, Google has told plan holders that the cache will be grandfathered to their accounts, free of charge.

Web designer Hieu Do posted the message they received from the company on the Google Drive subreddit:

A few other Redditors confirmed that Google had also made their 20GB blocks free. Japanese users who paid 580 yen for the storage were also covered with the move.

Google allocates 15GB of cloud storage space to anyone who signs up for Gmail and has occasionally offered extra gigabytes for completing account security checks and for promotional campaigns. Beyond that, the company charges $2 per month or a discounted rate of $20 per year for a minimum addition of 100GB.

Google transferred its cloud storage branding from the Drive umbrella to the new Google One in May of last year, though both names are still interchangeably used today.

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