What do you get when you mix a popular TV show, a coveted smartphone from a popular brand (that isn't Huawei), and a customization company that wants to bank on both? A special Samsung Galaxy Fold, Game of Thrones edition, that you could pre-order now, for the lowly sum of $8,200. There are supposedly only seven of these, so if you absolutely must have one, you better start looking for Benjamin Franklins under the sofa cushions and making sure you have the full price ready for your pre-order.

Even to any super fan of the series, this special edition has a horrifically, overboard, gaudy design. There's gold upon gold upon shiny gold, carved leather and embossed metal that'd make holding the phone painful and pocketing it even more difficult than it already is for the regular Fold, a dragon that obscures part of the notification area on the front screen, three thick house sigils that'd annoy you each time you wanted to tap the bottom of the screen, and a customized gold hinge that surely won't cause any problems with dust and longterm operation — right?

All's well and good though until you start thinking... what if you buy this special edition phone and it feels outdated and irrelevant? After all, we're talking about a TV show that's ended and that has been spoiled to oblivion by every person and website, meaning interest in it will likely start waning soon. But, fear not! Caviar, the Russian company behind this customization, has already thought things through. The design isn't based on the series, but on the upcoming book, so it's totally new and future-proof. Marrying an unreleased book with an unreleased phone, that is one smart way to go about marketing your company.

Oh and it even looks like a book with that silly closure mechanism, so you could technically have The Winds of Winter in your hands before anyone — heck, at the rate he's going, you could have it months if not years before George R. R. Martin himself!

On a serious note, the Fold isn't officially available yet. So this is either a design render and Caviar plans on actually making it once the Fold becomes available, meaning the final result may end up nothing like this. Or it's a real customized Fold based on the first batch of the device, meaning it's marred with issues. Or it could be a scam. For $8,200, I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to try and find out.

If you want to feast your eyes on this creation — or scare them to death — behold a video of this special edition custom Fold. Spoiler: it's shiny.