Wyze has just revealed its latest smart home gadget, and this time it's a light bulb. The new Wyze Bulb is LED-based, works over Wi-Fi, doesn't need a hub, spits up to 800 lumens, and has both a tunable white point and adjustable brightness. While Wyze has opened early access pre-orders today, they don't ship until June. The official launch is nebulously set for "later this year." Prices will run $30 for four, or $8 for one.

Wyze Bulbs can be pulled together into groups, manageable via the Wyze app. That allows you to link their controls together, ensuring they'll accept commands as one. It's also compatible with Alexa, Google's Assistant, and IFTTT — apparently pronounced "ift," which seems to be as polarizing in the 'ol AP Slack as "GIF."

For the full details — including an interesting story about scrapping their first bulb solution partnership entirely — you can watch the announcement video just below:

This $8 pricing for the Wyze Bulb fits nicely with the company's other products, all of which run on the so-cheap-it's-scary side. From the $20 home sensor system, to the $20 home security camera ($30 with pan and tilt), Wyze's products are eminently affordable — they don't even have a monthly fee.

Pre-orders are open in the Wyze app, but numbers are limited, it's US only, and they ship in June.

Interested parties with a US shipping address can get their hands on the bulb in June via an early access, pre-order program in the Wyze app. The rest of us will have to wait for the $8 smart light bulbs it to officially land later this year.