Last year, the Tor Project began working on a new browser for Android. Of course, it was possible to connect to Tor on Android with Orbot/Orfox, but the Tor Browser is a fully integrated package. Now, you can try the first stable release (v8.5) of the Tor Browser on Android.

The Tor Browser exists to funnel your web traffic through the Tor network, a web of encrypted computers across the globe. Your traffic bounces between nodes on the Tor network before emerging at its destination, preserving your privacy. It can also circumvent geographic restrictions on websites and content via Tor.

It's still based on Firefox v60, so the interface and feature set shouldn't be a complete surprise—there's tabbed browsing, private mode, and so on. When last we talked about the Tor Browser, you still needed Orbot to connect. Now, it's built into the browser. Each time you start it up, Tor Browser will have you connect to the network to anonymize your traffic. This release likely means the end of support for Orbot, so it's time to move over.