Ridesharing services are convenient, but they do involve getting in a stranger's car. There have been instances where a sketchy driver slips through the cracks or riders just get in the wrong car. Lyft is rolling out new safety features in the app to give riders a little more peace of mind.

To make sure you don't end up in the wrong car, Lyft is making the license plate more visible in the app. It's bigger, bolder, and comes with a reminder to check the license plate before you get in. Lyft says this change is already rolling out and will be available to everyone soon. Assuming you get in the right car, your driver might have undergone sexual harassment prevention education. Lyft now provides that to all drivers. Lyft says it's "available" as opposed to mandatory, though.

If things go sideways during a ride, the Lyft app will soon have 911 calling built in. If you rate a ride lower than 4-stars, the app will soon require additional details. For example, if your low rating is because of the driver, a problem with the app, or something else. Lyft says more safety updates are in the pipeline, but don't you already feel better?