Back in September, Amazon announced new hardware to complete the Alexa ecosystem, including a wall clock. Although some people thought the gadget would function like an Echo device and come with a built-in voice assistant, it's only meant to connect to one and display timers you might set using Alexa. Besides that, it can't do anything more than a traditional timepiece, which hardly justified its original $30 price tag. In case you wanted one but found it too expensive, it's now selling for $5 less, making it psychologically more acceptable.

If you often set timers and have an Echo device, the wall clock can be handy and act as a stopwatch. For instance, you could place in your kitchen and glance at it while cooking, but it will mean you'll also need to have an Echo speaker nearby. Also, if you were thinking of using the Wall Clock with an Alexa-compatible speaker, you're out of luck, as it only works with Amazon's products. If you're interested in getting one, use the link below to grab yours.