Now that the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro are getting some circulation with consumers, it's time to release the floodgates and let the community do what it wants with the phones — that means letting developers develop. So, the company has released Android Q Beta builds for both devices and is in the process of pushing out kernels for each one.

The kernel for the OnePlus 7 Pro is currently available on the company's GitHub account. Source code for the OnePlus 7 is expected soon.

Meanwhile, both devices have Android Q Beta images available right now in the form of sideloadable OTA files — there are rollback OTAs for users to return to stable software as well. OnePlus advises Beta participants to back up their data before proceeding as the update process requires the disk to be formatted. The device should have at least 3GB of storage space and be at or above 30% battery level.

OnePlus has disclosed the following known issues for the Beta software:

  1. Ambient Display is not working
  2. System stability issues
  3. Cannot send SMS when VoLTE is on
  4. Navigation gesture is not working
  5. Recovery mode doesn't work
  6. Some apps may not function as expected when running on this Developer preview release
  7. Issue with MTP that doesn't allow you to copy rollback file from PC to Phone

Here are the crucial OTA links:

After users download a file to their device, they should go into their system settings, tap on the menu icon at the top-right corner and hit the "Local upgrade" option. They should then select the downloaded file and tap "upgrade."