So, you've bought your OnePlus 7 Pro. What now? Is it time to accessorize? Well, if you didn't decide to on purchase, you can do so today with T-Mobile — most cables and adapters for the new phone are 25% off. And if you've decided to pick up a OnePlus 6T, you can get a Karbon Bumper Case for more than half off.

While the carrier says that "qualifying service may be required," you should still be able to check out with the reduced prices online or through (877) 387-4324. Free shipping is available for accessory purchases over $20.

Also, we're not quite sure if you'll strictly need a Warp Charge USB-C cable to take advantage of Warp Charge — it will depend on if new Fast Charge USB-C cables have had their pins modified, but older Fast Charge cables are able to carry out Warp Charge — but the price difference between the two coils is only 72 cents at this point. Make of that what you will.

With that, here's what's on offer:

  • Fast Charge USB Type-C Cable, 150cm - $17.99 ($6 off)
  • Fast Charge Power Adapter - $17.99 ($6 off)
  • USB Type-C Bullets Earphones - $18.71 ($6.24 off)
  • Warp Charge Type-C Cable 5ft - $18.71 ($6.24 off)
  • Sandstone Protective Case for OnePlus 7 Pro - $22.46 ($7.49 off)
  • Warp Charge Power Adapter - $22.46 ($7.49 off)
  • Karbon Bumper Case for OnePlus 7 Pro - $29.96 ($9.99 off)
  • Karbon Bumper Case for OnePlus 6T - $14.98 ($20.01 off)
  • Warp Charge Car Charger - $37.46 ($12.49 off)

There's no expiration date on these deals, but we suspect supply will be a major factor here: the USB-C Bullets earbuds is currently out of stock and it's not immediately clear if it will be offered at its sale price when it comes back.

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