When you get a new phone, you almost certainly want to protect it from drops and scuffs by putting it in a case. For most popular devices, you can choose from a sheer infinite amount of options, but most of them are neither individual nor too pretty and only good for what they need to be good at – they shield your device from damage. Google took another approach and added the ability to customize the look of your Pixel phone protector with its "My Case" program. However, coinciding with the launch of the Pixel 3a, the company quietly took away these custom options from the Pixel 3.

Previously, when you visited the case section of the Google Store, you were presented with a range of options including "My Case," which allowed you to customize your protection with your own or Google's images, as well as Google Maps satellite views. This even included an option to match your phone's wallpaper, so you'd end up with a unique and harmonized user experience. Now that product is gone, and we're left with Google's fabric cases and a bunch of third-party offerings.

Google first made the customizable options available for the Nexus 6P and 5X in 2016 (called "Live Cases" back then), and they've been a companion to the company's phones ever since. There even was a dedicated section for the cases during the Pixel 3 launch event. However, Google has apparently decided that the program isn't worth pursuing anymore, which is not surprising since most other cases are available at prices the fraction of the cost of these custom ones.