Lenovo has a history of not being fully honest when it comes to announcing phones. Last year, the company was criticized for teasing a bezel and notch-less phone, only for the real phone to have a notch and significant bezels. This time, Lenovo showed off renders for its in-development fodable Razr phone to press in China — except it was a fan-made mockup used without permission.

The above video was created by YouTube creator Waqar Khan, and it showcases what a foldable phone in a Razr-like clamshell design could look like. Lenovo held a press event in China recently, where it showed the above video as if it was an official render. Richard Lai from Engadget China shared a brief recording of the video playing at the event, with the main watermark removed and a Lenovo logo added at the end.

The "Concept by @WaqarKahnHD" text on the front screen is still clearly visible, and unsurprisingly, the video's creator confirmed that Lenovo never asked to use his mockup.

It's difficult to recall another occasion where a company has used a fan mockup of an in-development product as official marketing. The Razr foldable phone is still very much in development, though Lenovo's rumored partnership with Verizon may be keeping the company from releasing anything official.

Either way, stealing an amateur mockup to get the media excited for your new phone isn't a good look.