At the age of 4K screens and videos, 720p cameras almost seem outdated. Despite a lower image quality, they're still perfectly capable and way better than old-school CCTV systems. However, as new products with sharper pictures come out, the price of first-gen Arlo Pro cameras keeps dropping and has hit one of the lowest it's ever been, with a three-pack selling for $300, instead the $580 MSRP.

These products are fully cordless and weather-resistant, which means they can be mounted anywhere. Plus, they can be powered by batteries or plugged into the mains, based on your preference. They also feature night vision, two-way audio, motion detection, and a built-in siren, for improved home security. Lastly, the product comes with a free seven-day cloud recording service, which can be extended to a whole month with a $10 monthly subscription. You can also save your data on a USB drive by plugging it into the base station.

To enjoy this deal, you'll have to make your purchase before May 16 and use coupon EMCTAUT48. Unfortunately, you'll need to sign up to Newegg's Newsletter when applying the promotional code, which is a questionable method to force their deals on you, but you'll thankfully be able to opt out after your purchase.

In case three cameras weren't enough for you, Best Buy has an ongoing sale on a four-camera bundle for $350, which is $250 less than the original MSRP. If you're interested, grab yours today before they run out.