IFTTT is one of the most powerful home automation services out there, but it hasn't been doing too well lately in terms of supported services. Just recently, we learned that IFTTT integration with Nest products is being broken soon. A couple of months before that, a bunch of Gmail IFTTT applets stopped working. In keeping with that theme, a measly 13 services were added in the past 2.5 months compared to 31 being removed.

Here's the list of new services:

And here are the deprecated ones:

You can try out the new services (or mourn the loss of the removed ones) from the IFTTT app via the widget below.

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Price: Free+

* — IFTTT has let us know that the Hive services aren't gone for good, and instead are "in a 'preview mode' while [Hive] works on some updates."