The issue tracker is a good way to bring bugs and feature requests to Google's attention, but sometimes yelling at the guy who runs Android at Google is more effective. Google marked scrolling screenshots as "infeasible" in the issue tracker recently. At Google I/O this year, someone asked Dave Burke about that. Now, Burke has overruled the issue tracker decision, and scrolling screenshots will come to stock Android.

Scrolling screenshots are useful for capturing all the content on a particular page, even if it takes up more than one full screen. So, a scrolling screenshot grabs what's visible on the screen and scrolls down to capture more. At the end, the phone stitches the pieces together into one tall image. Samsung and other OEMs have implemented features like this, but it hasn't been part of the core Android experience.

Burke says the Android team has "added scrollable screenshots to the hopper" with the intention of rolling it out in Android R. So, the Q release later this year will still lack the feature. It's also possible this feature will end up delayed as so many have. Remember how long it took Google to sort our dark mode?