Famed manufacturer of stylish and very expensive audio gear Bang & Olufsen is now selling an improved version of its super-luxe H9i noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones. The new H9 (no i) are strikingly similar to their predecessor, but now sport a dedicated voice assistant button and longer playback time.

The new cans aren't any more expensive than the previous model — which is good, considering the H9i already cost a whopping $500. B&O claims the H9 can manage up to 25 hours of playback time on a single charge over USB-C. That's a pretty drastic improvement over the H9i, which were rated for 18 hours. One-touch access to the Google Assistant is also a plus.

One downgrade, depending on how you look at it, is color selection: the H9i are available in three colors, which B&O calls "Bronze," "Pine," and "Clay." The Pine colorway in particular is pretty striking. The new H9 just come in black or "Argilla Bright" — read: pinkish leather with gold accents. Still, they're quite handsome, and will look right at home in your chic minimalist apartment on your custom Scandinavian media stand. You can swing by B&O's site to check them out.