Assistant-powered smart displays have all the voice access features you get with the Assistant speakers, but sometimes it's easier to press a button. There's a new button on Assistant smart displays today, offering quick access to your routines. If you have a smart display, the button is probably already waiting for you.

You'll find the Routines button in the drop-down Home View panel next to lights, broadcast, and so on. Tapping "Routines" brings up a list of all the default and custom routines on your account. Select any of them, and Assistant executes the routine as if you'd said it out loud.

This button is appearing on the Google Nest Hub (formerly the Home Hub), as well as other Assistant smart displays. All updates are installed silently in the background, so there's no way to make the new button appear if you don't have it yet.

New clocks

Google has also added two new clocks to smart displays. The new "Moving digits" clock is available in both light and dark versions. We've confirmed this on the Nest Hub, but they're probably also available on other Assistant smart displays.

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