When it comes to brand loyalty, Apple has won a special place in people’s hearts. But now Samsung is experimenting with a new initiative that may win a place in consumers’ stomachs.

Despite making some of the best-selling and best-reviewed phones in the world, Samsung has yet to even approach the kind of cultural cachet enjoyed by Apple and the iPhone. No matter how many S’s they append to products and services, it never produces a mass emotional attachment to the brand, save perhaps for a handful of Samsung diehards and Note fanatics. It must drive them insane, made all the worse by the way Samsung users (and all Android users) are relegated to the status of green bubbles in iMessages.

But what if Samsung had an iMessage of its own? Something from which Samsung’s users, and only Samsung’s users, could reap rewards? Something that bound Samsung’s customers into an exclusive community, sharing a secret knowledge that left iPhone owners utterly in the dark?

Perhaps—just perhaps—Samsung has found its blue bubble.

Via Cult of Android, we learn today that Samsung is rolling out Secret Menu, where customers can order special, unlisted food items at select UK restaurants that are available and visible only to users of Samsung devices.

How does one attain these “secret taste sensations?” Samsung’s UK website explains:

Bill’s, The Breakfast Club, Patty & Bun, and Pizza Pilgrims have been secretly creating some exciting dishes that only Samsung owners can get their teeth into.

All you need to do is pop in to your favourite restaurant (or all of them if you prefer), find a Secret Menu, and look for an AR code. Then it’s just a case of unlocking the exclusive dishes using a Samsung phone.

What are these new menu items?? We don’t know! We can’t know. That’s the whole point. Samsung does claim, however, that a trip to Patty & Bun will now be “more mouth-watering than ever before.”

They also say that they have given one of the dishes at Pizza Pilgrims a “Samsung spin.” What does that mean? Does one of their pies come with a stylus? Do they come piled with redundant toppings pre-installed?

Perhaps the pizza slices...fold?

Imagine this makes its way to the United States. I can see it now.

Fashionable young people gathered around a table at a chain restaurant, let’s say, a Cheesecake Factory. All of them laughing and enjoying each other’s company. And then one of them pulls out their Galaxy S10 5G (which isn’t getting a 5G signal in the crowded Cheesecake Factory), scans a code on the table (after wiping the ketchup off of it), and beckons the other Samsung users in the group to do the same.

The iPhone users are aghast, bewildered, alienated, trapped in their own green bubble of envy, while the hip youths with Samsung phones all enjoy the secret slice of Galaxy Cheesecake™ that can never truly be theirs.