Printing webpages and confirmation emails used to be common back in the days, especially to keep a copy of your booking when traveling. However, as mobile devices are much more popular, most people now carry an electronic version of these documents. In the meantime, browsing websites on a phone is also more frequent, but there are times when you need to save a page as a PDF file. Unfortunately, and quite surprisingly, Chrome doesn't allow you to do this natively, but Opera's latest version adds support for it, making it easier to store or share documents.

In Opera 52, you can now easily save a page as a PDF file on your device by clicking the (three-dot) menu. The feature works as if you were printing a page, so it lets you pick the layout and orientation, but also which pages to save, in case some of them are not relevant. Talking about printing, you can also create a physical copy of your document using the Android share menu through the manufacturer's software.

The new version also refines tab switching, thanks to a new look and feel. Lastly, it fixes some minor issues and improves the built-in VPN and video playback capabilities.

Opera Browser: Fast & Private
Opera Browser: Fast & Private
Developer: Opera
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