According to a promotional image published to the actor's Weibo account earlier today, Robert Downey Jr and OnePlus have entered into a marketing deal. According to The Verge, which was able to confirm some details with the smartphone manufacturer, the Avengers star's likeness will be used for promotions across Asia, especially India and China.

Full promotional image (click to zoom). Via Weibo.

The image itself is a typical example of actor-promoting advertisement. Excluding the out of place sneakers, you've got RDJ holding a OnePlus 7 Pro and standing in a suit before a fancy car — a McLaren 720S, according to resident car enthusiast Richard Gao — beneath an artistic, steel blue, cloudy sky.

This isn't the first time Downey has graced a phone ad. Back in 2013, HTC brought in the Iron Man star in the hopes his splendor might save the Taiwanese manufacturer's slowly sinking ship by selling a few more phones. (Narrator: It didn't). OnePlus isn't in the same dire straits — if anything, it's doing better and better, including its latest 7 Pro — but maybe Downey's face can help the company sell a few more phones in China.