If you ask my neighbors, they'll probably tell you they've heard me shout "OK Google; I'm leaving" at least once. This isn't because I like everybody to know I'm headed out, but rather to turn every smart device off using Assistant. You could argue that since I'm carrying my phone with me, I could set up a routine that does it for me, but I would need to do that for every single app that can control my IoT objects, and I'm not comfortable sharing my location with some of these companies. Lastly, not all of my smart plugs work with IFTTT, so that's not an option either.

You've guessed it: I'd like everything to turn off automagically when I leave, but sadly, it's not easily achievable, at least for now. However, Google might solve this issue soon, as the company just announced Assistant will support this feature later this year.

One of the most popular WWN features is to automatically trigger routines based on Home/Away status. Later this year, we'll bring that same functionality to the Google Assistant and provide more device options for you to choose from. For example, you’ll be able to have your smart light bulbs automatically turn off when you leave your home. Routines can be created from the Google Home or Assistant apps, and can be created using the hardware you already own. Plus we’re making lots of improvements to setup and managing Routines to make them even easier to use.

As the company is retiring the Works With Nest program, it's migrating a couple of features over to the Google Assistant, including automatically triggering routines based on whether you're home or not. Users will be able to configure these directly in Assistant, which will work with plenty of intelligent devices, including smart plugs and lights. Unfortunately, Google hasn't been more specific about when exactly they'll release this functionality, but we should see it roll out later in 2019.