When you're watching a YouTube video, the app often taunts you with other recommendations you should watch next, and if you have Autoplay turned on, it even goes through that list automatically. However, you rarely have any control over what shows up in this list. A server-side test tells us that this might be changing soon.

Over the past month, we've received a few tips about filter bubbles showing up above the Up Next recommendations. The tips seem to stem from India, though it's possible that this is just a coincidence and the feature is being tested in other countries too.

In some instances, the filters let the user choose to see all suggestions or separate them between related videos and recommendations that are specific to you (but may have nothing to do with the current video). In other instances, the filters were much more specific, letting the user pick videos from the same channel or about the same topic.

It's a small change, but filters may help us find the next video we want to watch faster. Maybe then the mysteriously self-toggling Autoplay won't be as annoying.

This functionality has surfaced again, though this time from a tipster in the US and with a slightly tweaked UI. The new filter bubbles dump the blue color, only show up when scrolling through the Up Next queue, and seem to provide more granular choices. Thanks, Moshe!

  • Thanks:
  • Himanshu Goel,
  • Muneer Jinnen,
  • Himanshu Singh