If you're looking for an in-depth evaluation of smartphone's display technology, DisplayMate is what you're after. The site tests most smartphones to see if the screens used by OEMs are up to scratch, and it's a useful resource if you want to check the quality of a device before purchasing. The OnePlus 7 Pro won't officially be announced until May 14, but DisplayMate is already impressed.

As stated in the below tweet, the upcoming phone has taken a trip to the DisplayMate lab to be put through its paces and they like what they see. The full report won't go up until May 14 after OnePlus officially unveils the phone, but we now know it's getting an A+ rating, the highest possible.

Much has already been written about OnePlus's decision to launch a second, more expensive phone this time around, so it will need to prove it's worth the extra money. If DisplayMate's assessment is anything to go by, the screen will at least be among the best out there. This probably means the expected curved OLED panel will be made by Samsung, but we'll have to wait and see if that's the case.

Based on this DisplayMate analysis, we already had cause to be optimistic about the quality of the screen on the upcoming OnePlus 7 Pro. Now the manufacturer gives us another reason to look forward to this phone's arrival, with the announcement that the handset's display will support HDR10+.

Admittedly, that's hardly a feature unique to OnePlus, but it puts the phone in the same club as flagships like the Galaxy S10.

With the piecemeal way OnePlus is going about revealing details of its soon-to-launch lineup, we doubt this is going to be the last little OP7 feature tidbit to surface ahead of next week's announcement, so stay tuned.

Full assessment released by Display Mate

With the OnePlus 7 Pro now official, Display Mate has posted its full findings that led to an A+ rating for the phone's screen. The panel used by OnePlus is praised in numerous areas, including color accuracy, image contrast, and brightness. Check out the in-depth evaluation to find out more.