After the OnePlus Camera update from the 7 Pro that brought better Lens integration and customized modes, we're taking a look at a few minor changes in the latest Gallery app v3.2.7. Most prominent is a new carousel interface for Collections, but there's also a small update to the image viewer.

Collections carousel

The Collections tab in OnePlus Gallery is where you'll find all your on-device folders and where, for example, you can access screenshots, media saved by third-party apps, downloaded images and videos, and more. Previously, the UI was very busy, with large thumbnails and folder names barely readable on top of them. Now, the interface has completely changed.

Top: Collections in Gallery 3.1.48. Bottom: Collections in Gallery 3.2.7.

As you can see above, the thumbnails are smaller and use more elegant rounded corners, the folder names are written below them and thus more readable, and collections are now divided into four types. My device hosts all photos, your camera snaps, and screenshots. App collections is where you'll find images and videos created and saved by third-party apps, as well as some other folders like Bluetooth and Movies. My collections is pretty self-explanatory and includes your favorites. And finally, Others is where you can find and restore your recently deleted pics.

To see more folders than the top three in each collection, you'll need to scroll sideways. That's a little slower and more obscure than simply having a vertical scroll for all collections like before, but if that's the trade-off for having an overall easier to parse interface, I'm OK with it.

Minor changes in the media viewer

A few cosmetic modifications were also made to the media viewer in the Gallery app. Chief among them is the addition of the photo or video's date at the top left. Plus, the favorite icon goes from being a star at the bottom to a heart on the top right.

Left: Photo viewer in Gallery 3.1.48. Right: Photo viewer in Gallery 3.2.7.


OnePLus Gallery 3.2.7 doesn't appear to be live in the Play Store yet, so if you don't want to wait and need to give this a shot (no pun intended), you can grab the new version from APK Mirror.

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