The OnePlus 7 Pro was announced yesterday and some users have already gotten their hand on the device. Beside discovering that it's among the best smartphones they can buy now, they're also digging deep into the device's apps and sharing some of them with us on APK Mirror. One of those is the new Camera app v3.2.91 which, when installed on previous OnePlus phones running Pie such as the 6T, brings an updated, Pixel-like Lens integration and customization to the scrolling modes.

New settings

While the main UI appears unchanged, the new Camera app has some shuffled settings. Most notable is the disappearance of the probably not-so-useful Smile Capture, a new Customized modes that we'll get to in a bit, and the switch from Auto Nightscape to a broader Smart Content Detection. The latter is behind many of the new Lens features.

Left: Camera 3.0 settings. Middle & Right: Camera 3.2 settings.

Customized modes

OnePlus's Camera has four easily switchable modes in the bottom bar (Video, Photo, Portrait, Nightscape), with more  (Pro, Panorama, Time lapse, Slow motion) accessible when you swipe up.

With the new version, you can add, remove, and reorganize the ones you want in the bar. That way, if you're always reaching for the Pro mode or if you often take a slow-mo, these modes will be quickly accessible to you. This is something I wish the Google Camera app offered, as I would definitely put Night Sight in the main modes selector.

Left & Middle: Adding and reorganizing modes. Right: Added modes show up in the slider.

Native, offline Google Lens

Upon release, the Pixel 3 had a new option where you'd long-press on the viewfinder to trigger Lens, then Google announced even deeper integration for Lens in Camera that would allow it to automatically parse important information from the viewfinder, even offline, and surface it to users. The first feature already trickled down to older Pixels, but the latter hasn't yet. Now, though, both are available on the OnePlus.

First up, the Lens icon at the bottom left of the UI is gone. To manually trigger it, you just tap and hold anywhere on the viewfinder and the signature colored circle animation will show up, followed by the results.

Left: Lens icon in Camera 3.0. Right: Triggering Lens in Camera 3.2 with a tap-and-hold.

But even if you don't tap and hold to launch Lens, it will still work in the background and offline (provided you have enabled the aforementioned setting for Smart Content Detection) and surface clickable suggestions to you. These range from an ability to read a barcode, to finding links, phone numbers, and addresses.

Lens suggestions in Camera 3.2 for barcode, web link, phone number. 


OnePlus Camera isn't listed on the Play Store, so you can't update it there. Instead, if you want to give the new Camera v3.2.91 a try, you can grab it from APK Mirror. It is compatible with OnePlus devices, obviously, and requires Android 9.0 and above. I tested it on a OnePlus 6T and found no issues, but your mileage may vary with older models.