I've always hated sending out meeting invites from my phone, mostly because I find it much harder to see other people's calendars on my mobile device than on my computer. When I do manage to access whether they're available or not, I often find myself creating an appointment that overlaps another item. For these reasons, I'd usually prefer to wait to be in front of my computer to manage my calendar, but Google might make me change my mind with the improvements it's bringing to Calendar.

Indeed, the company's popular agenda app will be receiving an update that simplifies the event creation flow: When creating an appointment, you'll have the opportunity to collapse the event creation page to go back to your calendar grid without losing your edits. Thanks to this, you can see all of your events and quickly spot if the item you're editing conflicts with other appointments.

Google has also addressed the issue where it was much harder to understand people's availability, thanks to a new feature that displays their calendars next to yours as you invite more participants into the meeting. It can also automatically suggest times based on the most convenient slots that would work for all participants, but I'd recommend using this feature carefully if you're dealing with people in different timezones.

I'm glad Google is making it easier to create events and quickly spots mistakes you might make while doing so. Let's hope we'll soon be able to use Assistant to do that for us, so we won't have to bother dealing with details.

Google says the feature will begin rolling out now to all G Suite editions users on Android, and will take up to 15 days to show up for everyone. It's not clear if the feature is coming to personal Google accounts too, but we'll keep an eye out and update you with the corresponding APK if and once it does.

Still waiting for your chance to check out the new add-event interface? Some of you in the comments mentioned you were seeing it with Calendar's 6.0.32 release, while others had yet to see it appear. With the publication of this week's new 6.0.34 update, the new look should hopefully be available for more of you — not everyone's getting it, but some who hadn't had it before should start seeing the fresh UI. Rather than waiting around for the Play Store to take action, you can swing by APK Mirror right now and install the latest edition of Calendar for yourself.