For years now, OnePlus devices have enjoyed a signature homescreen look thanks to wallpapers created by Swedish artist Hampus Olsson. The designer started with the OnePlus 2 and has added his unique blend of abstract paint-like wallpapers to each device released by the company since. He also worked on Paranoid Android, and has a big portfolio of artwork for smartphones. Now, he's released his official wallpaper app on the Play Store.

Abstruct, as the app is called, contains over 300 4K wallpapers, about half of which are free and the other half paid. They're divided into collections including official OnePlus and Paranoid Android wallpapers, plus several other themes. The designer's signature style is clear through it all though, so you probably know what you're getting.

Abstruct is clean and vibrant as an app, easy to browse, and once you've chosen a wallpaper, it's simple to set it on your homescreen and/or lockscreen, or download it to your device. There's nothing more to the app, though I would have liked a rotating selection of wallpapers that changes automatically every day.

The Pro upgrade costs $2 and, beside unlocking the paid collections, it lets you add wallpapers to your favorites so you don't have to browse and find them again. But the app is perfectly usable in its free version so I suggest you check it out if you need some wallpaper inspiration.

Abstruct - Wallpapers in 4K
Abstruct - Wallpapers in 4K
Developer: Hampus Olsson
Price: Free+