Storage is getting really cheap. The SSD market has finally calmed down and we're seeing prices drop like mad over there (great if you're building or upgrading your PC), but over here in our neck of the woods, microSD cards are also seeing some good sales. Should you need some mega storage space for your phone or Nintendo Switch, then you're going to want to check this out. Amazon has SanDisk's 400GB Ultra card for a mere $56.99, the lowest price we've seen.

400GB is a ton of space, and can hold a lot of movies, music, or Switch games. SanDisk claims you'll see about 100Mb/s read speeds, though take that with a grain of salt since they say that was in lab testing. Still, it might not be fast enough for adoptable storage, but it'll load your media up just fine.

It's worth noting that the next step down, the 256GB, is $37.99, but we think the extra $20 for the 400GB is worth it. That, however, is up to you and it's easy enough to hop over to that option. Otherwise, you can get started at the link below.