A lot of planning for a trip typically takes place while a person is sat down with a PC — there's room to cross-reference prices, blow up the fine print, and open up a ton of tabs there. But until today, Google didn't really have a convenient hub for all of that information as well as things like weather forecasts and suggested guides on the desktop — sure, Google Trips might be a wonderful app, but it doesn't scratch that itch. Now, we finally have another option: google.com/travel

The domain, which used to redirect browsers to Google Flights, brings together all of what Google can do in the realm with easy links to book plane tickets, hotel rooms, full-on packages, and attraction guides.

Those who have opted to give Google their data can also view their existing planned trips and check out weather trends, restaurants, and events to throw into the mix. Travel dates can be edited and details can be sent along to awaiting relatives and friends. Recent trip-related searches will also be logged on this page for quick recall.

Google also suggests trips for people to take based on their search history and the popularity of destinations. It also has a repository of past trips for users to look into all the things they could've tried out or should try out next time they're in town.

The Google Maps app has also picked up a change which is rolling out now. People can pull up the Explore tab and tap an arrow next to the name of the locality to seek out nearby neighborhoods. The app will also get a new section for users' trips to bring all your dining, lodging and travel reservations into clear view — expect that in the next few months.