If you were hoping that Google Lens's latest update would bring all the new features that were promised at I/O, you will need to hold your breath a little longer. It's true that a new version of the app began rolling out yesterday, but it brings nothing of substance beside a new icon. And we've been getting enough tips about it that we just had to write this up.

A quick glance at the two icons side-by-side shows a few changes in the square'ish shape surrounding the two circles: thicker but cut-off line and different colors for each segment. The blue and green shades in the two circles appear to be a little more saturated as well. And... oh, that's all there is to it.

The new icon began showing up in the app switcher a few weeks ago, but is now officially rolled out to the app launcher as well.

It's also there, albeit in monochrome form, in the Assistant and Google Photos.

If you really must, absolutely, immediately have the new Lens icon, you can get the new version 1.6.19043000 from APK Mirror. Otherwise, you may need to wait a little until the update rolls out to everyone on the Play Store.

Google Lens
Google Lens
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