We've covered the Android Enterprise Recommended program a few times in the past — it's a list of phones and tablets that Google recommends for use in companies. All of the devices in the program are running a recent version of Android, receive regular security updates, and work with zero-touch enrollment. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL have now joined the party.

All phones in the Pixel family are currently included in the Enterprise Recommended program, so it only makes sense that the 3a is now added. Its good performance and mid-range cost could be appealing to companies looking to purchase large quantities of phones for employees, especially since the 3a will be among the first Android phones to receive monthly security updates.

In a statement to Android Police, Google said, "the Pixel 3a features enterprise-grade security and monthly security updates, the Titan M chip and a consistent Google user experience, making it a powerful choice for businesses looking for a device with enterprise-grade performance and support for zero-touch enrollment at an affordable price."