You know how you've been hoping for more streaming services to further silo content and force you to pay more money? Well, AT&T is happy to oblige, sucker. The company has been angling to launch its own streaming service using all the content it picked up in the recent Time Warner deal. CEO Randall Stephenson now confirms this will spell the end of AT&T-owned content on other streaming services.

AT&T picked up Time Warner last year for $85 billion, giving it control over content like Friends, Seinfeld, and The Big Bang Theory. "We are going to have to take a lot of the great content we own that’s been licensed elsewhere and bring that back into the fold," Stephenson said today.

AT&T's streaming service will launch later this year with a heavy focus on HBO content. It's not going to let Netflix and Hulu keep profiting from its less exclusive shows, though. For example, Netflix paid $100 million to stream Friends exclusively through 2019 because of its continued popularity. AT&T will want those eyeballs on its own streaming service.