HTC is not dead. In fact, it's so not-dead that it's going to release a followup to the Exodus blockchain phone. That's the sort of niche project you'd only expect from companies that have money to burn, which HTC does not. Still, HTC must think there's a business here.

HTC launched its first blockchain phone in late 2018, but the "Exodus" was really just a U12+ with a few hardware and software tweaks. The company billed this phone as ideal for crypto applications. You can securely store Bitcoin and other digital currencies on the device, and it supports decentralized app technology. HTC's Decentralized Chief Officer Phil Chen notes that sales of the Exodus have met expectations, but that could mean a lot of things.

Chen says the company's next blockchain phone will launch in the second half of 2019. However, the Exodus was built on the U12 chassis, and HTC doesn't have a newer flagship phone to use for its next blockchain project. Perhaps the Exodus 2 will actually be a new piece of hardware. Of course, HTC needs to survive long enough to release it.

The HTC Exodus 1s will be a budget phone

HTC says that its next blockchain phone will be the HTC Exodus 1s. While we don't have specs, HTC reps are saying the device will cost between $250 and $300. It will function as a full node on the Bitcoin blockchain, meaning it will assist in validating transactions on the network. The device is currently planned for a late Q3 2019 release.