Google has been trying to be more transparent with the information it collects lately. After launching the My Activity site back in 2016, it recently let users delete their "OK Google" recordings from its databases. The company is continuing to make it easier to review what it has on you, as it just added an option to access your Assistant data directly into the app's settings.

The new settings (left) now feature a direct link to your data

The new menu item can be found by going into your Assistant inbox, clicking on your profile picture and selecting Settings. It's actually the first option on the list and takes you to a page that summarizes your recent activity but also lets you control whether Google can collect web, app, voice, device, and marketing information. Lastly, it explains what the company does with your data and how you can control what it collects.

I personally appreciate Google's approach to being more transparent, but I think it's still faster to go to My Activity from a browser if you need to access these details. It might make it easier for people to review what type of information Google stores about them, but also check whether an unauthorized person used their device.

The new page is gradually rolling out to users through what seems to be a server-side update, as some of our staff still has the old page while using the latest version (v9.88.4.21).

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  • Nick Cipriani