Google took an unprecedented step in the smartphone industry and launched its new midrange phones Pixel 3a and 3a XL for half the price of its flagship while still retaining the same camera quality the regular Pixels are loved for. Of course, the company didn't miss the chance to rub that fact into its competitors' noses and launched an ad campaign comparing the fictional $999 "Phone X" with the $399 Pixel 3a, implying that it takes way better pictures in the dark.

Obviously, Google is playing against Apple's iPhone X here without explicitly naming the company. Calling the fictional competing device "Phone X" is clever in another way too, though, since it also suggests that the Pixel 3a takes better pictures than many other expensive flagship phones out there. If the 3a's camera holds up to the Pixel 3's camera (and it sure looks like it does), this should indeed be the case – especially since the new device boasts all the same features that make the flagship's camera stand out. Night Sight, Portrait Mode, and Google's intelligent image processing are all available.

Personally, I hope that Google can disrupt the market with its new mid-class devices since most phones in that price range are quite capable today if we ignore cameras for a moment. This could push the entire market into paying more attention to photography across price ranges.

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