Google is more and more integrated into our daily lives: Many of us use the company's email, calendar, and Assistant services, which work seamlessly with each other. They can be particularly handy when you receive an email for an event, which is then automatically recognized as a calendar appointment and added to your schedule. The day of the event, Assistant can remind you of this meeting and even tell you how long you'll need to get there. However, in order for all of this to work, Google's services need to be available where you need them, which is unfortunately not always the case. The company is taking a step toward making life easier for people living or visiting Bulgaria by adding support for public transportation into Maps.

Whether you're a tourist or a resident, you'll now be able to get bus, trolley, tram, and metro directions in the city of Sofia straight from Google Maps. On top of calculating your itinerary and transfer guidance, the app also provides the timetables and travel prices of the journeys, making it even more convenient. Directions for Bulgaria's interurban routes are also supported, but only for the bus network for the time being.

Public transit directions are already live both on the web and mobile versions.  We're hoping this will make getting around more convenient both for locals and especially tourists, as it can be hard to find your way in a foreign country — I remember how Maps made my life easier when I went to Japan!

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