Despite new flagships coming out, the Galaxy S10 is still one of the hottest phones around. Even though its price could have been a roadblock when it was announced back in February, you don't need to spend as much now. Indeed, thanks to a a promotion on the device's international version on eBay, you can pay as low as $596 for the S10, $675 for the S10, and $775 for the S10+ in their 128GB versions.

"International version" means we're talking about the non-US variant, which comes with Samsung's Exynos 9820 SoC instead of the Snapdragon 855 found on American models. These handsets are designed to work exclusively with GSM networks, which means you'll need to be on AT&T or T-Mobile to use it in the States. Lastly, they're are factory unlocked and have a secondary SIM card tray so you can use two separate lines, making them particularly handy when traveling.

Make sure you finalize your purchase quickly if you're interested in this deal, as the black S10 and S10 + are already out of stock.

The price for the three devices continues to drop, as they're now down to $573.05 for the S10e, $669.88 for the S10, and $759.99 for the S10+. At the time of writing, all colors are available, except the green S10, which is out of stock. Make sure you get yours before they run out!