Remember when you first used Assistant and had to repeat "Ok Google" and "Hey Google" a couple of times to train it to recognize your voice? Well, there's a way to delete these recordings entirely from Google's database, in case you've decided to part ways with the search company.

Let's say you want to trust Amazon Alexa more than Assistant and don't want the company to keep a copy of your voice clips. First, you may want to remove all the commands you've talked to the digital helper. To do so, you'll have to head over to My Activity, click on "Delete Activity by" on the left, and select "Assistant" under "All products."

This will effectively remove anything your Assistant would have previously heard, but won't delete the "Ok Google" Voice match recordings. To get rid of these, you'll have to go to My Activity one more time, click on "Other Google activity" on the left panel and "Voice Match enrollment" at the bottom of the page. You'll then be able to review all the samples Google has saved, and delete them by clicking the (three-dot) menu on the top right and selecting "Delete all." Surprisingly, I found out there were 24 recordings of my voice, the earliest dating back to more than two years ago. I also realized I sounded particularly bored when saying these hotwords, which is a lot less astonishing.

This move gives you more privacy over what personal data Google stores, but deleting your recordings is only truly useful if you're planning on not using Assistant anymore, or possibly in case Voice Match isn't working properly.