Here's an interesting Sunday deal — Best Buy is currently selling the unlocked 32GB Moto X4 along with a locked LG Fiesta 2 and $50 of Simple Mobile credit for just $126.

While the Moto X4 at $125 is a good price, to sweeten the deal you can add a $1 SIM Kit and Best Buy will let you add $50 of prepaid credit and a low-end smartphone for free. The extra phone is a Nougat-running LG Fiesta 2 that can only be unlocked after 12 months of paid service, but you can use the $50 credit on it so it's not entirely useless.

We've seen the Prime-Exclusive version of the Moto X4 fall to $120 before but the locked bootloader prevented you from flashing your custom ROM of choice. Since this is likely to be a spare phone, having the ability to experiment with software is a plus in my books. You can read our review of the device, though keep in mind it was written when the phone sold for $400.

You can also pick up the higher end 4/64GB variant for $176, an additional $50. The other steps remain the same. If you're planning to actually use the phone as a daily driver, the extra RAM will be welcome. Thanks mistakenot