With Google I/O 2019 in full swing this past week, we sure expected to hear tons about Google's upcoming projects — and so we very much did — but weren't exactly anticipating a ton of great tech deals to surface alongside all that news. Call it a happy accident, then, that a bunch of tempting offers still happened to pop up over the last few days, and some of our favorites are still available now.

Google Pixel 3a: $100 Store credit

Google's latest smartphones are understandably causing a bit of a stir: taking some of the best features from last year's Pixel 3, they manage to condense that Google-phone experience down into a much more affordable package. As if the $400 starting price wasn't tempting enough, customers who order by next weekend will pick up $100 in Google Store credit.

Samsung Galaxy S10 series: $100 to $200 off

Deals on Galaxy S10-family phones are far from uncommon, and last week we shared with you some offers on dual-SIM international models. If you'd rather stick with US SKUs, we've got just the thing this week, with select carrier editions on sale for up to $100 (S10e) or $200 (S10, S10+) off. While activation is required, that's still some substantial savings on one of the season's most high-profile flagships.

Google Nest Hub two-pack: $60 off

The dust is still settling from Google's big Home Hub rebranding, complete with a permanent price cut. And on top of that, Google Store savings will bring you a single Nest Hub for just $100. But if you act fast (as in, this deal's only good for a few more hours, through the end of Sunday), Costco members can save big on a two-pack, priced at just $140.

Huawei Watch GT: $30 off

While we're normally all about Wear OS over here, there's enough variety in the smartwatch space to make it worth paying attention to some of its competitors, like the Huawei Lite OS present on the company's wearables. This week we became aware of some deals for both the Huawei Watch GT and the Watch GT Classic, bringing their prices down $30 to $170 and $200, respectively.

Samsung 512GB microSD card: $100 off

Popping a microSD card in your smartphone is one of the few real hardware upgrades you can make, and with high capacities intersecting with falling prices, now's one of best times to jump on that option. The biggest cards always debut with some seriously premium pricing, but when they drop, they drop hard — and we just saw the giant 512GB Samsung fall to a crazy tempting $100.