Google is sharing some pretty cool stuff at I/O this year, but this one new feature is certainly among the biggest: starting today, users in English-speaking locales will be able to stop ringing alarms and timers on Google Home and Smart Display devices simply by saying "stop," no hotword required.

During today's Google I/O keynote, to cap off a series of impressive announcements, Google's VP of Engineering for Assistant Scott Huffman dropped the bombshell that when an alarm or timer set on a Smart Display or Google Home device sounds, you'll be able to stop it without first saying "Hey Google." The new functionality is rolling out today in "English-speaking locales." It's a small tweak, but one that'll make Assistant-equipped devices significantly more pleasant to use.

Availability for non-English-speaking regions isn't yet known.

The feature seems to be rolling out now. Timbets tipped us about it working for him, and I was able to verify that just saying "Stop" to my Google Home Mini stops both alarms and timers. No need to yell "Hey Google" before. This is the future, you guys!